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Articles: Quotations – Sanskrit


अनुभवति हि मूर्ध्ना पादपस्तीव्रमुष्णं।
शमयति परितापं छायया संश्रितानाम् ॥

The tree bears the intense heat on its head while it lessens the heat for those who take shelter under it.
- Abhigyanashakuntalam by Kalidasa

निवसन्ति पराक्रमाश्रया न विषादेन समं समृद्धयः
Abundance (affluence) co-exists with valour not with melancholy or absence of enthusiasm.
- Kiratarjuniyam by Bharavi

न युक्तं प्राकृतमपि रिपुं अवज्ञातुम्
It is not proper to disregard or neglect even an ordinary enemy.
- Mudrarakshasa by Vishakhadatta

सुखं हि दु:खाननुभूय शोभते घनांधकारेष्विव दीपदर्शनम्
Happiness is more appreciated after one experiences grief over a period in the same way as light is more appreciated by a person in pitch darkness.
- Mrichchhakatika by Shudraka

न स्वल्पस्य कृते भूरि नाशयेन्मतिमान्नरः
The wise man should not incur a big loss for the sake of a little gain.
- Panchtantra by Vishnu Sharma